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WEBB Trade Single Window®

Single Window for Foreign Trade

Webb Fontaine’s Single Window for Trade solution is a common comprehensive platform
that brings together all trade stakeholders and offers a wide range of functions such as:

  • Advanced pre-lodgement of electronic customs declarations and cargo manifests
  • Management of bank domiciliation
  • Management of import permits
  • Management of exchange permits and approvals
  • Management of single electronic manifests as well as electronic reception of manifests from abroad
  • Lodgement of customs declarations into the single window and full interfacing with ASYCUDAWorld customs system via a light interface
  • Electronic payment

Single Window Stakeholders

  • Ministries (Finance, Trade, Budget, Health, Agriculture, Water and Forests, etc.)
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Customs
  • Ports
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Declarants
  • Commercial banks
  • Central Bank
  • Insurance companies

Tangible Results

  • Improvement of international indicators such as the World Bank’s “Doing Business”
  • Secure Revenue – Simplification and facilitation of trade procedures
  • Trade security increased
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Faster processing
  • Paperless environment with fewer opportunities for physical contact between operators and thus reduced corruption
  • Reduction of costs, delays and mouvements
  • Efficient financial flow control
  • Compliance with foreign exchange regulations
  • Etc.

The platform is based on the most advanced technologies, such as biometric authentication and electronic signatures, and will be connected to a highly secure National Data Centre, implemented by Webb Fontaine. The company will also be responsible for interconnecting the various partners by establishing a stable high-speed telecommunications network. Your administrative formalities become easier and simpler thanks to the Foreign Trade Portal

The portal includes:

  • Tariff simulation
  • Tariff search facility with display of duties applied by technical ministries, Customs and Ports
  • Lists of products prohibited for export and import and products requiring specific controls
  • Ship arrival and departure dates
  • Documentation (e.g. legislation) and all legal and operational guides on trade transactions published by Customs and by other government agency
  • Web sections dedicated to every organisation involved in trade transactions (Customs, technical ministries, Ports etc.)
  • Publications, news, newsletters and events
  • Government statistics automatically generated

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