Installation of a Data center and Disaster Recovery Site.

Implementation of the Guinean Single Window for Foreign Trade (GUCEG).

As a National Interest Project (NIP), GUCEG will enable trade and transport stakeholders to provide standardized information and documents through a single entry point allowing the swiftness, simplification, dematerialization, anticipation and cost reduction related to procedures. This cutting edge technology platform will boost the Guinean Government revenues.

Project launched: 2019 

Trade Portal:

Guinea, Countrywide

  • Establishment of a Single Window platform

  • Electronic Payment

  • Foreign exchange forms

  • Licensing

Key Features:

  • Establishment of a Trade portal which comprises public access to trade regulations, codification guide, exchange rates, list of manifests, taxation simulation

  • Restricted Portal access to lists of AsycudaWorld Customs declarations as well as submission of transactional documents such as pre-arrival declarations (locally called DDI/DDE)

  • Implementation of Webb Tracker mobile application

  • Installation of Webb Executive Vision, Big Data statistics

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