Respect and integrity are at the very core of who we are.

Everything we do is guided by our quest for excellence.

We think work is at its best in a climate of trust.

Our company

Investing in employees, delivering value to customers, dealing ethically with suppliers and supporting outside communities.

At Webb Fontaine, we believe in looking beyond barriers to shape tomorrow’s international Trade.

Our mission is to create technology to challenge established practices and deliver innovative solutions for Trade facilitation.

We build on our unique expertise in Trade and Customs to help governments, businesses and economic communities globally rethink and transform the way they conduct Trade.

We develop high-tech software and services to benefit all Trade stakeholders and make their lives easier.

What we do

Webb Fontaine is a leading provider of solutions for Trade facilitation, powered by world-class technology including artificial intelligence.

We develop new-generation IT systems that take Trade and Customs processes to the next level for the benefit of the global trading community.

Deployed in several countries worldwide our solutions include; Single Windows, Customs Systems, Port Community Systems, Electronic Payments, Trade Compliance, Governmental Reforms, Cargo Tracking Systems, Collaborative Valuation and Classification, Infrastructure and many more.

Our Solutions

Our Vision

We believe our purpose is to transform the future of Trade through technology.

Our Mission

To empower Governments and communities with future-proof technology and expertise to transform the Customs and Trade environment.

Webb Fontaine Leaders

Alioune Ciss

Chief Executive Officer

Alioune is key to the strategic drive, focus and direction of the Webb Fontaine brand. Managing world leading Trade reform digitalisation projects across the globe with key Governments and partners, through innovative technology.

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Pascal Minvielle

Chief Operating Officer

Pascal has shaped the operations of Webb Fontaine over the years and deployed trade solutions worldwide alongside Customs officials, governments, and Webb Fontaine staff on location.

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Samy Zayani

Chief Commercial Officer

Samy is the driving force behind the growth of Webb Fontaine. His experience in marketing coupled with sales is key to the development and expansion of the brand across new markets and regions.

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Ara Shamirzayan

Chief Technology Officer

Ara is key to Webb Fontaine’s development of AI-driven technologies for international trade. He has curated and formed Webb Fontaine’s portfolio of powerful trade technologies. Motivated by customer satisfaction, he continues to promote innovation throughout our Research & Development Centres. 

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Our Values

Everything we do is guided by our quest for excellence. To us, excellence is not just a word. It’s a frame of mind. We provide best-in-class technology for all areas of international Trade facilitation.

We are constantly working on developing the newest and greatest technologies for Trade, with the biggest research and development centres in the Trade area.

And we can achieve all of that because we love what we do.

We think work is at its best in a climate of trust, collaboration and happiness. Whatever the project, we come together to achieve this. Our experts are always striving to go the extra mile to deliver the outstanding for our stakeholders.

We believe in our people and their knowledge. And we believe knowledge should be shared. That’s why we don’t just sell products while keeping our expertise to ourselves. In everything we do, we aim to build a solid partnership with our customers. We provide consulting on best practice and work together with our clients’ staff, offering on-the-job training and collaboration so that we can learn from each other.

Project Timeline