Our exclusive Single Window solutions interconnect all stakeholders involved in foreign trade and allows them to perform trade procedures on one platform. By simplifying and speeding up Customs and trade processes, traders and Government agents benefit from automated and smoother processes that enable a reduction of clearance times.

The Trade Single Window also secures Government revenue and improves the overall country image on international trade indicators such as the World Bank Doing Business index.

Single Window Trade facilitation through automated and smoother processes enables a reduction in clearance times.

Trade facilitation through automated, smoother processes enabling reduction of clearance time.

Secured government revenue through better cross-checking of information and accurate detection of fraud through Artificial Intelligence technology.

Improved country image on international trade indicators such as the World Bank Doing Business index.

Key Features

Users can access the Electronic Single Window platform via a web interface, where a public portal provides a range of up-to-date information including trade formalities, import and export procedures, latest tariff codes and rates, as well as fees simulation feature.

Once logged into the Single Window, users can fill in and manage applications for pre-arrival Customs declarations, electronic licenses, certificates or permits, foreign exchange applications to banks, manifests and Customs declarations, among others.

All duties, taxes and related trade fees can be paid in the Trade Single Window using electronic payment facilities.

Documents can be scanned and attached for online submission, meaning physical visits to administration offices are not required. Data is submitted into the Single Window just once, with one document used to auto-populate others, therefore avoiding duplication of efforts while also affording for greater data integrity.

Credentials are cross-checked in the Electronic Single Window for consistency and traceability, reducing errors and fraud.

The system supports advanced security features such as biometric authentication.

The status of on-going document processing can be viewed in the Single Window at any time, including on mobile devices.

Traders receive real time notifications from the Trade Single Window on their desktop or mobile as their transactions progress through the clearance path.

A robust platform which simplifies and speeds up Customs and trade processes for both traders and Government agents, providing a comprehensive online environment to process all trade transactions through a single interface. It secures Government revenue and improves country image.

A mobile application that allows traders, Customs officers and Government officials to access trade transactions in real time, with a user-friendly interface, creating a comprehensive mobile environment for traders and Customs officers.

A tool based on Big Data technology, which provides executives with a set of customizable key performance indicators (KPIs) allowing them to make informed decisions. Reliable data is accessible in real time, thus allowing fraud detection and revenue analysis.

An integrated payment solution allowing traders to see, group and pay their invoices using their bank accounts, credit cards or mobile money accounts. The solution is extensible to any merchant system to be notified in real time.