Modernisation and dematerialisation of foreign trade control

Modernisation and dematerialisation of foreign trade control and facilitation of import/export procedures for the Republic of Congo.

Through the provision of a Trade Portal,  Electronic Tracking System, Foreign exchange Control and an Electronic payment system.

Establishment of a Customs Center of Excellence (Ruling Center) for the Classification & Valuation of imports.

Installation and configuration of a Data Center and Disaster Recovery Site.

Project Launched: September 2018


Republic of Congo, countrywide

Ministry of Finance & Budget

Number of Users:

Total: 500+

Key Features:

  • Establishment of an electronic Portal for the Congo Customs Administration (eDouanes)

  • Submission of Pre-arrival Customs declarations for the establishment of Classification and Valuation forms

  • Electronic Payment of Declarations Customs duties & taxes using mobile eBanking

  • Installation of the Webb Tracker mobile application allowing declarants/importers to monitor the status of their customs documentation as well as Classification and Valuation forms

  • Submission of Foreign exchange forms to be approved by banks

  • Provision of Webb Executive Vision (WEV), Big Data dash-boarding tool

Key Features:

  • Integration of core Customs business functionalities such as valuation and classification along with more modernized Customs procedures throughout the entire import process

  • Implementation of smart risk management and automated access to relevant classification and valuation tools and databases

  • Reduction of import costs, simplification of procedures and facilitation of the clearance process

  • Electronic processing of all goods imported through designated areas in Congo

  • Documentary control’s relating to sea freight, air and land cargo whether the imported goods are containerized or not

Key Features:

  • Use of Webb Transit solution with GPS/GSM devices for the tracking of transiting goods over the Pointe Noire/Brazzaville and Pointe Noire/Nzassi corridors

  • Extension to 20 additional corridors

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