11,000 lorries tracked per month

483 users trained

Implementation of a comprehensive Trade Single Window platform, Electronic Cargo Tracking system and Classification & Valuation Center for Benin.

 Webb Fontaine was appointed by the Ministry of Finance to implement a large trade reform program for Benin.

This encompasses the delivery of Webb Fontaine’s:

  • Implementation and operation of the National Single Window for Foreign Trade
  • Electronic Cargo Tracking system
  • Classification & Valuation Center

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Project Launched: 2017

Benin, Countrywide

Portal:  www.guce.gouv.bj

  • Establishment of a Single Window platform

  • Ruling Centre for Customs

  • Electronic Cargo tracking and scanning modules

Electronic Payment Launched: 2019 

Key Features:

  • Establishment of a Trade portal which comprises public access to trade regulations, codification guide, exchange rates, list of manifests, taxation simulation

  • Restricted Portal access to lists of AsycudaWorld Customs declarations and Webb Transit T1s forms as well as transactional documents such as pre-arrival declarations, licences, foreign exchange, electronic manifest

  • Implementation of the Webb Tracker mobile application

  • Electronic payment

Implementation of Webb Transit, monitoring the movements of transiting cargoes across 12 main road corridors of the national territory of Benin.

Key Features:

  • Clearance details automatically download from AsycudaWorld Customs declaration into a T1 electronic form

  • System is coupled with a localization system for GPS positioning and geo-fencing, based on tracker devices

  • Automatic reception of alerts when the truck deviates from the predefined route or stays idle during a specific duration

  • Automatic uploads of specific inspection forms for the field operators, control room and Customs

  • Country mapping with historical positions of trucks

  • Interconnectivity program between Nigeria Customs

The Ruling Center provides a comprehensive valuation analysis, and thereby offers a single uniform and consistent valuation opinion.

Key Features:

  • Capture of pre-arrival Customs declarations using automated upload of electronic invoice details

  • Provision of a valuation opinion for invoices

  • Valuation and classification methodologies effective in spotting and deterring under-invoicing, under-valuation and misclassification

  • Tariff classification and risk profiling activities
  • Deployment of a scanning interface module connected to AsycudaWorld which allows the display of all containers of declarations selected for scanning

  • Production of inspection acts per container for both scanning and physical examination as well as release orders for individual containers, monitoring of payment of penalties

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