1000+ declarants trained


3,000+ Customs officers trained


1,100+ trucks a day monitored (both export and import transit)


300+ Export declarations daily


30 % increase in revenue following migration from Asycuda++

Design, customization and deployment of a Customs Management System (eCMS) on all operational stations for Ethiopia. 

Webb Fontaine has completed the implementation of the Webb Fontaine Customs System: Customs Webb (TradeWorldManager), called eCMS in Ethiopia.

  • Automation of all of the 27 customs offices of the country

  • Interconnection between Djibouti and Ethiopia Customs administrations for enhanced transit monitoring both by road and train

Project Launched: January 2016

Funded by European Union


Number of Customs staff using the eCMS: 3,000+

Number of Trade Portal Users: 900+ (declarants plus Djibouti administration users)

Clearing Agents: 895

Djibouti Customs: 7

Admin: 22

OGAs: 27 (General Auditor Office) + 19 (Ministry of Transport)

Customs Staff: 3,000+

Total: 4,000+ users

Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority (ERCA) introduced the electronic Customs Management System (eCMS) of Webb Fontaine to comply with international Customs standards, Streamline Customs operations including Transit monitoring, improve clearance time and security.

  • Project Funded by E.U

  • Equipment procurement by E.U

  • Executed by Ethiopia Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA), Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MOFED)

Key Features:

  • Trade Portal taxation simulation, rules and regulations, declarations and T1 transit forms

  • Self-assessment of Customs declarations on portal by declarants

  • Automation of all import and export multimodal and unimodal transit operations of the main transit corridors of the country which connects Galafi Customs office (Djibouti border) to Kalitti and Mojo Customs offices near Addis Ababa; through- transit as well as imports and exports from/to Kenya, Somaliland and Soudan; Real time access by transit customs officers and check points officers using bar code readers

  • T1s (transit forms) generated from transit declarations (IM8 declarations) sent by Djibouti AsycudaWorld system

  • The eCMS controls transit bonds accounts for unimodal transit and covers 100% of the transaction flow of the country

  • Airport Electronic manifest automatically lodged using IATA XML and Cargo IMP standards

  • Comprehensive dynamic risk management system

  • Monitoring of manufactures raw materials processing through complex formulae

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