60 Users trained and active

2 Federal Agencies connected G2G, 5 Agencies in pipeline

300 Declarations daily

Over 45 000 containers processed on system

84% of Declarations released on same day

Integrated Customs System for the Emirate of Ajman UAE  (Complete Customs System and Integration with Federal Systems G2G) – ENJAZ.

Webb Fontaine was appointed by Department of Ports and Customs, Emirate of Ajman to implement an Integrated Customs System covering a whole spectrum of Customs and Regulatory Agencies transactions.

This encompasses the delivery of Webb Fontaine’s:

  • TradeWorldManager for Customs
  • Webb Executive Vision WEV, a Business Intelligence tool for Senior Management

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Project Launched: July 2018

System went live: November 2018 

Ajman, Emirate

Portal: apcd.gov.ae

  • TradeWorldManager (Customs Webb system)

  • Webb Executive Vision (WEV) Business Intelligence tool

Implementation of the Customs Management System for Ajman Customs, Software integration, sensitization and training of the Trade Community, Customs Officers and other stakeholders. Implementation of Webb Executive Vision, big data statistical tool. The Clearance process include G2G integration with two principal Federal Government Authorities:

  • Federal Tax Authority (FTA) for payment of VAT and Excise Tax

  • Federal Customs Authority (FCA) for exchange of Duty with Gulf Cooperation Council GCC  on Automatic Duty Transfer system (ADT)

Key Features:

  • Electronic Submission of Vessel Voyage and Container data via an integration with Port Operator

  • Submission of Customs Declarations by Clearing Agents

  • Payment of Customs Duty via an integration with Port Operator systems

  • Release of Declarations via an integration with Port Operators systems

  • Webb Executive Vision (WEV) which is a Real-time Business Intelligence (BI) tool providing dashboards of key economic, financial and operational indicators related to international trade statistics, trade facilitation, performance and enforcement

  • Tracking of declarations through a mobile application (ENJAZ)

  • Artificial Intelligence enables classification of products through a harmonized system for Customs staff and the trade Community