1500 Users trained and active

25 Approving Government Agencies, 38 connected Agencies

1500 Declarations daily

Integrated Trade Facilitation System (ITFS) for the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Webb Fontaine was appointed by Customs Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Ministry of Interior to implement an Integrated Trade Facilitation System (ITFS) for the Kingdom of Bahrain.

This encompasses the delivery of Webb Fontaine’s:

  • Implementation of a Complete Customs System and Customs Centric Single Window
  • TradeWorldManager (Customs Webb) locally branded as OFOQ (Horizon in Arabic)
  • Provision of hardware and commercial software, configuration and installation with Bahrain Customs and Information & eGovernment Authority

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Project Launched: 2012

Portal: www.ofoq.gov.bh/

The Kingdom of Bahrain, Countrywide

Customs Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain
Ministry of Interior.

Number of Users:

Clearing Agents: 700

Manifest Operators: 50

OGAs: 25

OGA users: 235

Customs Staff: 700

Total: 1500 users

Licenses, Exemptions, Manifest, Declaration Processing, ePayment, Risk Assessment, interfacing with Scanning applications, Specialized warehouses, management of exit notes, advices notes (transit), GCC tariff management, compliance with Maqasa settlement of duties and taxes in the GCC region.

Key Features:

  • Customs Management System implementation: software integration, sensitization and training of the trade community, Customs Officers and other stakeholders

  • Management of OGA Licenses as well as management of exemptions

  • Interfacing with the Gulf Cooperation Council Automatic Duty Transfer System (GCC ADT) for the collection and exchange of customs duty within the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)

  • Implementation of a transactional mobile application for exit notes and inspections

  • Management of Logistical Zones

  • Licensing and collaborative inspection

  • Electronic payment

WCO Certificate of merit – Customs System

Best Government ICT System Award 2019 for the OFOQ Customs Management System