Our Commodity Inspection and Testing Services are tailored to respond to the ever-growing demand to promote global brand positions. Our services allow government regulation bodies, trading partners and customers to minimize exposures to risks and optimize trade potentials.

We provide our customers 24/7 access to online request for inspection as well as access to online reports as actual survey inspection progresses.

We strictly adhere to international industry standards and best practices to provide accurate results to enable customers to make the right business decisions.

Our management and inspection teams are equipped with both business and technical knowledge from years of training and experience serving the Agro – Fertilizer, Consumer Products, Energy and Minerals, Engineering and Calibration, Petroleum and Chemicals, and Shipping and Marine industries.

Key Features

Our aim is to help our clients to manage their business and operations processes more efficiently and effectively to successfully meet their contractual requirements and obligations.

We are accredited to ISO 9001:2015, ISO IEC 17020 2012 and OHSAS 18001 2007, and recognized by the Philippine’s Government as an Inspection Body under its Department of Trade and Industry.

  • Draft Surveys
  • Cargo Condition Survey
  • Commodity Sampling
  • Loading, Discharge, Delivery and Weighing Superintendence
  • Stock Inventory and Volumetric Survey
  • Isotank and Flexibag Loading and Unloading Superintendence
  • Container Loading and Unloading Inspection
  • Checkering and Tally Surveys
  • In-line Production (Pre -During and Post – Production) Verification
  • Factory Audit
  • Product and Quality Management Standards Compliance Inspection and Audit
  • Second Party Audit
  • Container Loading and Unloading Supervision
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Bad Order and Claims Inspection
  • Vessel Draft Survey
  • Commodity Sampling
  • Cargo Condition Survey
  • Check Tallying Supervision
  • Loading, Discharge, Delivery and Weighing Supervision
  • Periodic Stocks Inventory and Volumetric Survey
  • Pipeline and Hose Hydrotesting
  • Vessel COT’s, Shore and Pressurized Tanks Calibration
  • Periodic Stocks Inventory and Volumetric Survey
  • Loading and Discharging Inspection of Petroleum Products and Chemicals
  • Loading and Discharging Supervision of LPG
  • Isotank and Flexibag Loading and Unloading Supervision
  • Shore Tanks Periodic Stock Inventory
  • Drum Filling and Container Inspection
  • Local and International Bunkering
  • Off-Hire / On-Hire Bunker Survey
  • Vessel Pre- Purchase Survey
  • P&I Pre-Entry Condition Survey
  • Vessel Condition/Valuation Survey
  • Hull and Machinery Damage Survey
  • Nickel Ore and Other Minerals Loading Supervision on behalf of Owners/Charterers
  • On-Hire Delivery, and Off-Hire and Re-Delivery Survey
  • Vessel Draft Survey
  • Bulk and Break Bulk Cargo Quantity and Cargo Condition Survey
  • Damage to Fixed and Floating Objects Inspection
  • Cargo Damage Survey
  • Rolling Cargo Inspection