Our unique suite of Customs Solutions automates the entire Customs clearance process including risk Management and accounting.

Our risk management solution, powered by Artificial Intelligence, enhances Customs revenue and helps reduce fraud.

The Customs system instils a 100% paperless environment, hence physical visits to administrations are no longer necessary. Productivity is improved, and higher standards of data integrity are reached.

Increased Customs revenue and reduced fraud through Smart detection deep learning algorithms, focussed controls and increased staff know how.

Clearance times can be dramatically decreased through automation of processes and elimination of physical travel.

We eliminate the major issues of redundancy such as data duplication (multiple same data requests) and duplication in procedures.

We are proud that our systems empower Customs to go completely paper free.

Key Features

Our Customs Solution hinges on the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, to offer you the most advanced features and the best service. Handling all steps of the Customs clearance process, from manifest management to Customs release through declaration processing and accounting.

This includes suspense procedure management, logistic zones, manufactures raw materials liquidation using formulae. It allows carriers to send and amend manifests and bills of lading electronically, and freight forwarders to consolidate bills, it offers full compatibility with CUSCAR and IATA XML standards.

We provide value control based on weighted average values, we offer dynamic risk management on licenses, Customs declarations, waybills, using econometrics and selectivity criteria, enabling detection of potential fraudulent declarations.

The risk management system is able to assess the relevance of the selectivity criteria, to simulate the impact of new criteria on examiners workload and, through A.I. fraud detection algorithms, to automatically propose new criteria in relation to the latest fraud trends.

The A.I. built in system is able to create dynamic lists of compliant and non-compliant entities and, using machine learning trained models, is able to predict fraud on any transaction with an accuracy close to 90%.

Our system is also able to ensure end-to-end transit control with bonds management and predictive positioning of the truck on the corridor map.

We also support electronic payment of declarations duties and taxes, licenses fees or Port fees. The system comprises specific accounting modules for cash payments and refunds, credit, statements, prepayments, guarantees and deposits.

A fully-fledged Customs system which includes specific pre-clearance modules and manages the entire Customs process. It processes all documents and procedures digitally, thus creating a 100% paperless environment.

An end-to-end program covering the classification and valuation of goods performed by our experts in close collaboration with Customs, the program fully transfers classification and valuation knowledge and responsibility to Customs.

A software solution which monitors the movement of transiting cargoes across national corridors, based on transit forms transactions representing a single or several containers moving by truck or train. The solution is more efficient when linked with the Customs system and when associated with GPS tracker devices, thus ensuring that cargoes follow their planned route and reach their intended destination. Webb Transit can be shared with neighbouring Customs Administrations which acknowledge the arrival and clearance of the shipments.

A set of web-based modules that plug into ASYCUDA to enhance its functionalities. It also provides interfacing facilities between ASYCUDA and third-party systems which need to process transactions within ASYCUDA.

A mobile application linked to ASYCUDA and Customs Webb which allows traders and Customs officers to access trade transactions in real time, the application allows Customs staff to validate Cargo release or undertake examination of goods.

An online service that automates the auction process for goods seized by Customs. It allows to scroll lists of auctioned goods, place a bid and pay online. It is available to trade professionals such as exporters, importers and declarants.