e-Solutions for Governments:
Facilitating trade, securing revenue and reducing fraud through Customs Solutions.

Our mission is to simplify the work of Governments, Businesses and Citizens worldwide by providing Customs Solutions technology and know-how. We specialize in improving government services through e-Government systems, business process reengineering, and cutting edge information technology.

We provide a comprehensive suite of e-Government software products, Electronic Single Window portals, Customs automation, information technology, telecommunications and infrastructure for Customs Systems services.

Customs Solutions

Our unique suite of Customs Management Systems automates the entire Customs clearance process including risk Management and accounting.

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Single Window Solutions

Interconnect all stakeholders involved in foreign Trade and allows them to perform Trade procedures on a single Customs Management System platform from pre-clearance to post-clearance.

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Port Community System

Provide an interface between agents, port authorities, terminal operators and Customs, offering a comprehensive set of Customs Solutions designed for the facilitation of port logistics operations.

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Electronic Payment Solutions

Our world-leading electronic payment solutions are specifically designed for Governments, Banks, Traders and Citizens to facilitate Trade and digitalise payment operations.

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Infrastructure Solutions

Webb Fontaine provides the necessary Customs Technology infrastructure to support the automation of Customs and trade procedures, including ICT, data centres, power supply and office renovation.

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Trade Compliance Solutions

We offer state of the art Customs Systems  and Classification Services to assist the international trading community identifying the most appropriate tariff classification for Customs purposes.

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Governmental Reforms

We work to maximise the benefit of our Customs Technology by helping to adjust the overall administrative and organisational background of the institutions we work with.

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Commodity Inspection and Testing Services

Our Customs Technology provides Commodity Inspection and Testing Services that are tailored to respond to the ever-growing demand to promote global brand positions.

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Tracking Solutions

Our tracking solutions are based on world-leading RFID, GPRS, GPS technology. They can be used and adapted to any environment for multiple purposes.

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