75% revenue increase since implementation of NICIS II powered by Customs Webb

150,000 government & private sector users

Clearance time divided by up to three since implementation of NICIS II

1 trillion Naira has been generated by the Nigeria Customs Service in the last three years

Implementation of a Customs centric Single Window Portal and the provision of IT & Telecom infrastructure for Nigeria.

Webb Fontaine was appointed by Nigeria Customs Service to implement a Customs centric Single Window Portal and the provision of IT & Telecom infrastructure for Nigeria.

This encompasses the delivery of Webb Fontaine’s:

  • Customs Webb, Customs Management System nationwide as the Nigerian Customs Integrated System (NICIS II)
  • E-government software products, information and telecommunications technology and infrastructure services, peripherals and consumables, business process reengineering and standardization.

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Project Launched: 2005

Portal: www.trade.gov.ng

Nigeria, countrywide

Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Ministry of Finance.

Number of Users:

898 DTI Operators

21 Banks

213 Shipping and airlines lines

26 Terminal Operators and Bonded Warehouses

136’000+ registered companies / traders on NSW (Nigeria Singe Window)

Secured collection of duties & taxes by verifying customs classification and valuation.

Implementation of Customs Webb as a replacement of Asycuda++, locally called NICIS II (Nigeria Integrated Customs Information System).

Key Features: 

  • Electronic submission and validation of sea and air manifests

  • Postal and passengers’ declarations

  • All Customs regimes and risk management

  • Electronic payment of duties

  • Use of control on VIN numbers

  • Electronic release

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence in fraud detection

  • Auction module

  • Big Data statistical module

  • Electronic remittance with Central Bank of Nigeria

Key Features: 

  • Online capture by traders and submission of electronic Form M (pre-lodged declaration), validity extension, cancellation and overuse. Form M endorsed by banks for domiciliation

  • Electronic Pre – Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR) Consignment with price generated from form M. The PAAR (Pre-Arrival Assessment Report)

  • Online submission of Customs declarations

  • Online trouble ticket management system for users’ support

  • TIN (Tax ID No.) registration mechanism for all importers operating on the Trade Portal

  • NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control)-license online submission/approval

Installation and maintenance of the widest and most efficient Government telecommunications private network of West Africa.

Key Features:

  • More than 70 satellite dishes, over 80 radio transmission equipment, dedicated intercity optic fibre links, WIFI, more than 120 LANs

  • Implementation of a national data center with high-availability, virtualized servers in redundant infrastructure and a disaster recovery site

  • Infrastructure renovation of 33 NCS area command sites representing more than 18’000 square meters of office space renovated and maintained at international standards

  • Telecom infrastructure and IT equipment deployment in 33 Area Commands including regular maintenance of all equipment

  • Deployment and regular maintenance of a comprehensive power production and distribution system for all NCS offices using NICIS II including supply of consumables

  • Deployment of a nationwide help-desk structure offering support not only to all Area Commands of NCS but also to other Government Organizations, private sector and to the trading community

Comprehensive Customs modernization and trade facilitation program, introduction of business reengineered clearance procedures, risk management, electronic payment of Customs duties, taxes and penalties as well as payment reconciliation with the Central Bank of Nigeria (electronic remittance).

Key Features:

  • Change in Clearance processing path to align with Kyoto convention principles

  • Design, development and implementation of the Nigeria Integrated Customs Information System (NICIS II)

  • Comprehensive capacity building of all stakeholders interacting with the NICIS II (more than 10’000-man hours)

Nigeria Technology Awards (NiTA)

  • 2015 – Winner: Best Government Agency Website/Portal
  • 2018 – Winner: Excellence in e-Governance, Federal Agency (Public Service)
  • 2018 – Winner: Best Emerging Technologies, Federal Agency (Public Service)
  • 2019 – Winner: The e-Government Infrastructure Services Provider of the Year & Software Development Company of the Year

National Information Technology Directorate Agency (NITDA) and Nihilent Awards

  • 2014 – Runner-up: Best MDA
  • 2015 – Runner-up: Best MDA
  • 2015 – Winner: Best e-Governance Project
  • 2015 – Winner: e-Governance Awards

World Customs Organisation (WCO)

  • Several Certificates of Merit to ICT-Modernisation Unit of NCS in recognition of advances made