An automated tracking solution that monitors the movement of cargoes by road or rail across national corridors. This powerful enforcement tool prevents the illegal dumping into national economies of goods declared in transit, without payment of import duties or conformity and legality verification.

Tracking provides peace of mind to governments that their economies and population are protected. Traders are assured that their cargo is safe along the way. Tracking data can be shared with neighboring Customs Administrations, which in turn acknowledge the arrival and entry of shipments.

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  • Real-Time Geolocation
  • Interfaced with customs management system
  • Automated arming and disarming of trackers
  • GPS trackers with 2 years autonomy
  • Digitalised trackers stock management
  • GPS tracking & RFID technology
  • Automated alerts
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Confirmed exit of transit cargoes
  • Decreases tax evasion/avoids loss of revenue
  • Safeguards government revenue
  • Ease of operations
  • Prevents unlawful dumping of transit goods
  • Customs escort digitalised
  • Increased cargo securi
  • No data entry

Trucks Tracked

Tracking Devices LIVE

Control Room

Geofenced Corridors

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