Webb Fontaine provides the necessary infrastructure to support the automation of Customs and trade procedures, including information and communication technology (ICT), data centres, power supply and office renovation.

Security and data integrity are guaranteed through compliance with safety standards and redundancy. Communication and operations are improved, as well as the global image of the country.

State-of-the art material and infrastructure, including up-to-speed connectivity and high-availability.

Security and data integrity through compliance with safety standards and redundancy.

Facilitated communications and smoother operations through best in-class ICT equipment. Guaranteed support 24/7.

Enhanced image of the country through modern equipment and offices.

Key Features

Our Infrastructure Solutions provide you with modern technology to ensure that your IT system works efficiently.

ICT and power supply: we provide procurement and configuration of specialised equipment, as well as design and implementation of telecoms infrastructure to support high-technology operations. From radio and satellite communications through virtual private networks (VPNs), to designing and building office facilities, we create the supporting infrastructure to modernise your ICT environment.

Data centres: we build data centres for trade, featuring high-availability, redundancy and virtualised servers.

Office renovation: we assist to bring your premises up to speed with high-quality international standards, including safety norms, to support your operations. Equipment includes fire detection, fireproof rooms to protect sensitive equipment. We also provide light infrastructure such as porta cabins equipped with solar energy captors and satellite dishes, suitable for the use of the Customs System at border sites in challenging environments.

Ensures your IT system works properly, using state-of-the art material and infrastructure, including up-to-speed connectivity and high-availability, especially in environments that previously did not have the capacity.