Webb Fontaine Commends Successful Graduates of Back End Software Engineering Program in Partnership with Sourcemind Academy Benin

Webb Fontaine, a leading provider of innovative solutions for trade facilitation, proudly announces the successful culmination of the Back End Software Engineering Pathway Program in Benin, in collaboration with Sourcemind Academy. The program, spanning six months, has produced a cohort of 20 skilled graduates who have now specialized in Java back-end engineering, contributing to the growth and dynamism of the technology industry.

Selected from a competitive pool of over 100 candidates, the 26 finalists underwent a comprehensive training regimen covering programming languages, algorithms, database management, and software development methodologies. Practical projects allowed students to apply their knowledge, transforming them into adept junior engineers with a strong foundation in both technical and power skills.

The first four months of the program focused on building foundational knowledge through real-life projects, lectures, assignments, and collaborative learning. Industry-relevant content, meetups, guest speakers, and mentors enriched the curriculum. The subsequent specialization phase saw 20 students leveraging Java core features and the Spring framework to develop modern server-side applications, emphasizing agile software development and power skills crucial for success in the IT industry.

The ceremony marks a significant milestone as the graduates embark on their professional journeys. It symbolizes the commitment of Webb Fontaine and Sourcemind Academy to fostering the next generation of technology leaders in Benin. Alioune Ciss, CEO at Webb Fontaine, remarked, “Our partnership with Sourcemind Academy reflects our dedication to nurturing local talent and contributing to the vibrant technology landscape in Benin. We extend our congratulations to the graduates and eagerly anticipate the impact they will make in the industry.”