Webb Fontaine and Bangladesh NBR Propel National Single Window Project Sensitization Workshop

In a significant leap towards modernizing trade infrastructure, Webb Fontaine, in conjunction with The Bangladesh National Board of Revenue (NBR), launched the first in a series of sensitization workshops for the National Single Window (NSW) Project. This collaborative effort aims to usher in a new era of efficiency and transparency in cross-border trade processes in Bangladesh.

The National Single Window Project is a pioneering initiative designed to streamline and simplify cross-border trade procedures. At its core, the project envisions creating a centralized platform that facilitates seamless information exchange and regulatory compliance. By consolidating diverse trade-related processes onto a unified digital interface, the NSW Project aims to significantly reduce the time and resources required for import and export activities, fostering a more conducive environment for trade in Bangladesh.

Inaugural Sensitization Workshop Highlights:

The inaugural sensitization workshop, held on December 3rd, 2023, drew the participation of 97 stakeholders, including esteemed guests such as Mr. Abu Hena Md. Rahmatul Muneem, Senior Secretary (Internal Resource Division) and Chairman of The National Board of Revenue, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Distinguished speakers at the event included A B M Shafiqur Rahman (Project Director, Bangladesh National Single Window), Major General Mohammad Yousuf (Director General, Directorate General of Drug Administration), Md. Masud Sadiq (Member, Grade-1 – Customs: Policy & ICT), and Ms. Zakia Sultana (Member, Grade-1 – VAT Policy).

Key Workshop Topics and Discussions:

  1. Overview and Benefits of Implementing the Single Window System:

H M Ahsanul Kabir (Assistant Project Director, NSW) provided a comprehensive insight into the overarching goals and transformative benefits of the National Single Window Project.

  1. Roadmap of Integration/Onboarding of Stakeholders and a Demo:

Mr. Mostafa (Webb Fontaine) and Mr. Zahid Hossain (Webb Fontaine) offered a practical roadmap for the integration and onboarding of stakeholders, complete with a live demonstration to enhance participant understanding.

  1. Identifying Risks from Stakeholders in Implementation (Group Activity: Resistance to Change):

A group activity facilitated by H M Ahsanul Kabir focused on identifying potential risks and addressing resistance to change from stakeholders during the implementation phase.

  1. Stakeholder-wise Functions and Process Workflow (TO BE):

Mr. Adrian and Mr. Zahid (Webb Fontaine) presented the proposed stakeholder-wise functions and process workflow, providing a glimpse into the future state of trade facilitation in Bangladesh.

  1. Stakeholder-wise Group Discussions on the Proposed Workflow in NSW (Group Activity):

Participants engaged in group discussions facilitated by Mr. Adrian and Mr. Zahid (Webb Fontaine), providing valuable insights into the proposed workflow from various perspectives.