GUCE Bénin, SEGUB and Webb Fontaine Bénin welcome delegation from Guinea Single Window for Foreign Trade

November 22 to 23, GUCE Bénin, SEGUB and Webb Fontaine Bénin welcomed a delegation from GUCEG – Guinea Single Window for Foreign Trade, as well as players from the Guinean supply chain. The visit gave members of the delegation the opportunity to meet their Beninese counterparts, notably those from the Port Autonome de Cotonou (#PAC), the General Directorate of Customs, the Beninese Federation of Authorized Customs Agents (FEBECAD), the Association of Consignees and Shipping Agents (ACAM) and stevedores.

This initiative testifies to the willingness of logistics professionals in Guinea to draw inspiration from Benin’s successful experience in this field. Indeed, Benin has successfully developed an efficient logistics chain, helping to facilitate international trade and stimulate the country’s economic growth. Benin’s customs authorities are also praised for their professionalism and pragmatic approach.

Benin, known for its economic dynamism and strategic geographic location, boasts considerable expertise in logistics and international trade. The members of the Guinean delegation were eager to discover the reforms implemented in Benin, so as to adapt them to their own context and improve their supply chain.

During the visit, Webb Fontaine Benin and the Beninese players shared their tips and success stories, while highlighting the challenges they faced and the solutions they came up with. The Guinean delegation was thus able to discover the solutions put in place to improve the efficiency and fluidity of logistics operations.

“This visit was a unique opportunity for Guinean professionals to draw inspiration from the Beninese model, while adapting the lessons learned to their own reality.” Testifies Mr. Mamoudou DIANE, GUCEG Managing Director.

For Ms Adidjatou Hassan Zanouvi, Managing Director of Benin Customs, this initiative demonstrates the importance of cooperation between African countries in the field of logistics. By sharing experiences and working together, supply chain players can help facilitate trade, stimulate economic growth and strengthen ties between nations.

Webb Fontaine Managing Director Anicet HOUNGBO and SEGUB Managing Director Isidore CODO thanked the Guinean delegation for their interest in the work being done in Benin. For the latter, this initiative, which they described as a meeting of give and take, demonstrates the willingness of players in the Guinean supply chain to progress and optimize their operations, and deserves to be welcomed and supported.