Dubai, UAE – July 7, 2023 – Webb Fontaine, a global leader in AI-powered trade technology and Customs facilitation solutions, is proud to announce that Guinea Customs has chosen its state-of-the-art Smart Tracking solutions to enhance trade facilitation processes.

“As a trusted partner to Guinea Customs, we are excited to provide our advanced tracking solutions to drive efficiency and security in trade facilitation,” said Alioune Ciss, CEO of Webb Fontaine. “By combining cutting-edge technologies such as GPS tracking and RFID tagging, we are enabling Guinea Customs to take full control of their operations and enhance the safety and transparency of goods in transit.”

The solution includes GPS/GSM tracking beacons equipped with smart locking cables, delivering accurate real-time position and speed for trucks of goods in transit. Alongside this, an integrated geolocation platform and the Smart Transit system will ensure efficient monitoring and management of tracking data.

To centralize operations and ensure effective oversight, a fully equipped Control Room will be established at the General Directorate of Customs, from where Guinea Customs officers will monitor the movement of trucks on a 24/7 basis and react to alerts received from the trackers, such as exits from approved corridors, stops in non-designated areas or tracker cable openings outside customs-controlled departure and destination sites.

For the MD of Customs: “The objective of the project is to deter the illegal introduction into the Republic of Guinea of goods declared in transit by ensuring that trucks actually reach their exit border. This will thus protect the economy against goods being smuggled into the country without due payment of import duties and taxes.”

At the same time, it will combat unfair competition from certain operators who do not pay their duties and taxes, while dumping various products on the market. Traders will also benefit from the project by being allowed to start their transit journey as soon as a tracker has been affixed on their truck. Significant time savings will be realised by doing away with the physical customs escort, which is now replaced with Smart Tracking. Another major advantage for Traders will be a private access to the geolocation platform where they will view the live location of their trucks. Lastly, Customs officers will stop risking their lives on the road during escort convoys and will instead safely monitor truck traffic from the Control Room.

These advanced components reflect Webb Fontaine’s commitment to revolutionizing trade facilitation for Guinea Customs.

The solution seamlessly integrates GPS tracking for cargo trucks and RFID tagging for vehicles in transit. These state-of-the-art technologies align with SydoniaWorld and are compatible with the SIGMAT (Système Interconnecté de Gestion des Marchandises en Transit) project, showcasing Guinea Customs’ visionary approach to transit management.

This strategic partnership signifies Guinea Customs’ dedication to taking full ownership of the project, with the majority of human resources coming from Customs personnel, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to success. Webb Fontaine will serve as a trusted partner, offering extensive training, technical support, and consultancy services to ensure a seamless implementation.

“Moreover, this impactful public-private partnership leverages Webb Fontaine’s existing border infrastructure and its significant presence in the Guichet Unique du Commerce Extérieur de Guinée (GUCEG) project, resulting in substantial cost reductions through economies of scale. Together, Webb Fontaine and Guinea Customs are driving innovation, efficiency, and security in trade facilitation processes”, declares Mr Mamoudou Diane, MD GUCEG/WFGN.