Webb Fontaine receives ‘exceptional service’ award from World Customs Organization.

The award underscores the company’s services to the international Customs community

Webb Fontaine, a leading provider of solutions for trade facilitation powered by Artificial Intelligence, was recognised with a Certificate of Merit by the World Customs Organization for its exceptional service during the International Customs Day celebration that was organised at the Nigeria Customs Service Headquarters in Abuja.

The award was presented to Ope Babalola, Managing Director of Webb Fontaine Nigeria, by Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (rtd), Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs Service, to highlight the company’s extraordinary contributions to the international Customs community.

On the occasion, Ope Babalola, Managing Director of Webb Fontaine Nigeria, said, “Webb Fontaine has been the official technology partner for the Nigerian Customs Service since 2006. This award signifies our strong relationship with Nigeria and the Nigeria Customs Service and highlights how Webb Fontaine-powered solutions have facilitated the country’s Trade and Customs, thereby helping the Nigerian government improve commerce and related experience. Over the years, Webb Fontaine has been the recipient of several awards. This is our first WCO award, and we are very pleased to have been recognized for our services. I thank Webb Fontaine’s teams for their continuous hard work and development of cutting-edge solutions that empower communities and governments.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Col Hameed Ibrahim Ali (rtd), Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs Service, said at the ceremony, “Webb Fontaine has played a pivotal role in facilitating trade and improving the overall customs experience in Nigeria. They have helped us develop integrated systems, e-government software products, and various IT infrastructure-related services to provide innovative solutions to our international trading partners as well as local businesses.”

Over a period of 17 years, Webb Fontaine has helped implement a customs-centric single-window portal in Nigeria and provided an IT and telecom infrastructure for the country. Webb Fontaine has helped build and implement a Nationwide Customs Management System called the Nigerian Customs Integrated System (NICIS II). The company has also engineered several cutting-edge e-government software products, implemented key information and telecommunications technologies, and continues to provide a wide variety of infrastructure services, peripherals, and consumables. As a technology partner, Webb Fontaine regularly re-engineers business processes and implements standardisation.

About Webb Fontaine

Webb Fontaine is a world-leading technology company re-shaping the future of Trade. Trusted by governments globally, Webb Fontaine provides industry wide solutions to accelerate Trade development and modernisation. The company uses unique technology including Artificial Intelligence to enable countries to emerge as leaders in the future of Trade.