Webb Fontaine outlines its drive to innovate and upgrade Nepal’s cross border trade sector as part of Nepal National Single Window Project

Webb Fontaine, a leading provider of solutions for trade facilitation powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations, demonstrated its extensive expertise and technological experience at a high-level preparatory workshop held ahead of the launch of the Nepal National Single Window Project (NNSW).

Organised by Nepal’s Department of Customs in collaboration with Webb Fontaine, the Government Executive Workshop event at Kathmandu’s Marriott hotel saw leading figures and officials from major governmental bodies and stakeholders participate in a workshop and discussions to outline the NNSW project and its impact on the country’s end-to-end logistics supply chain network.

Led by trade and technology experts from Webb Fontaine, participants at the workshop received up to date information about the far-reaching NNSW project and its benefits, with a common theme focusing on its strategic significance to boosting Nepal’s competitiveness both regionally and as part of the globalized economic landscape.

Powered by Webb Fontaine’s tried and tested technologies and network solutions, the NNSW project will securely integrate around 40 governmental and private organizations that are currently involved in the international trade cycle.

Originally conceptualized as a way to reform and streamline Nepal’s trade and customs infrastructure, the project is being rolled out by Webb Fontaine in line with wide-ranging initiatives that make up the World Bank sponsored Nepal India Regional Trade and Transport Project (NIRTTP).

As such, the NNSW will provide foundational support for the NIRTTP by restructuring the trade supply chain between Nepal and India and making all of the NNSW’s key processes and procedures applicable to the full scope of Nepal’s current cross-border trade commitments and future growth plans.

The workshop was concluded how the success of the NNSW project will be achieved through Webb Fontaine’s expert use and management of information handling and distribution technologies and by introducing practices that aid the simplification and transparency of trade processes, facilitate ease of trade, streamline border management and actively address and solve the main issues impacting transportation, timescales and logistics.

Attendees at the Marriott workshop were informed of the numerous benefits the NNSW project will bring to Nepal’s trade landscape and economy, including reducing capital and operational costs associated with technology for all stakeholders engaged in cross border trade.

Introducing the latest AI-led solutions to support import and export procedures will effectively create a ‘one-stop-shop’ where stakeholders can easily access all government services digitally, such as License, Permits, Certificates or other required documents all done through e-Payment solutions. Transactions would be processed through efficient electronic data platforms instead of time consuming and inefficient paper trails.

A knowledge transfer event allowed participants to explore the NNSW project and the workshop was attended by high-ranking figures from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Supplies, Department of Food Technology & Quality Control, the Department of Livestock and other key government departments and entities.

About Webb Fontaine:

Trusted by governments globally, Webb Fontaine provides industry wide solutions to accelerate trade development and modernization. The company uses unique technology including Artificial Intelligence to enable countries to emerge as leaders in the future of trade.