Digitising the supply chain key to post-Covid economic recovery

Webb Fontaine using AI to streamline port and customs operations

The importance of digitalisation as the world recovers and adapts to a post-Covid reality cannot be over-emphasised. Paperless transactions and online processes are crucial in ensuring people’s health and safety moving forward.

A recent white paper by Webb Fontaine says prioritising digitalisation, knowledge-sharing and streamlining complicated and outdated processes should be a priority in the complex world of logistics, international customs and global supply chains in the post-Covid era.

“Simply adopting new methods of working is not enough however, it is crucial that we analyse, evaluate and learn from the Covid-19 pandemic to create a business landscape that is flexible enough to cope with crises,” says Webb Fontaine’s CEO Alioune Ciss.

Webb Fontaine is a provider of solutions for trade and customs, with a focus on emerging technology such as artificial intelligence.

Within the logistics industry, inter-agency cooperation is still under-developed, and many sectors are reluctant to change, particularly adopting digitisation.

“However, we believe Covid-19 will fast-track a new spirit of co-operation, knowledge-sharing and innovation that will, in turn, spark an exciting and rapid drive towards a fully digitised, efficient and successful future for the global trade and customs sector,” says Ciss.

The trade and customs industry is built around the speedy movement of cargo across the globe, therefore systems that can automate, digitise and speed up this process are highly-sought after.

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About Webb Fontaine:

Webb Fontaine is an AI company re-shaping the future of Trade. Trusted by governments globally, Webb Fontaine provides industry wide solutions to accelerate trade development and modernization. The company uses unique technology including Artificial Intelligence to enable countries to emerge as leaders in the future of trade.