Webb Fontaine’s E-tracking Platform Adopted by Congo as Part of the Country’s Customs Reform Modernisation

Dubai, UAE, July 7: Webb Fontaine, a leading provider of solutions for trade facilitation powered by artificial intelligence and new generation IT systems, has launched their innovative e-tracking platform EKENGUE (alertness), for the Congolese Ministry of Finance. The solution aims at enabling the country’s Customs to fully monitor the safe movement of transit goods and reduce risk.

Replacing formerly paper-based processes, EKENGUE is part of Congo’s customs modernisation progression and forms part of their e-Customs portal. The solution is set to significantly boost revenue management and security, and help to reduce road transport risks by using geolocation technology.

Director of Scanning and Tracking Operations at Webb Fontaine, Jean-Baptiste Koffi, explained, “e-tracking is a real-time electronic monitoring of shipments from the autonomous port of Pointe-Noire to a specific Customs office located at the border of a foreign country”.

“… For an efficient tracking process, a beacon is connected to the cargo in order to establish a communication channel with the control room. As a result, the cargo can be tracked in real time throughout the corridor up to its final destination. The device also provides stops and diversions related alerts, if any”, he added.

Webb Fontaine’s role also includes the training and skill transfer process to enable the Congolese Customs personnel to fully understand and operate the platform.

The head of Customs Administration, Guénolé Mbongo Koumou said, “the launch of EKENGUE is an important stride in equipping our administration with the correct tools and technology to improve efficiency and harmonise Customs procedures. I believe that it will benefit the entire logistics ecosystem and drive the modernisation of trade in Congo.”

With over 15 offices in a variety of markets all over the world, Webb Fontaine has worked with different government and private entities to provide them with technology solutions to facilitate trade processes. Its innovative solutions and services are brought to life at its Research and Development (R&D) Centers which work across the world to ensure they are utilized correctly and efficiently. Located in Armenia, France and the Philippines, Webb Fontaine has invested hugely in this and therefore is equipped with disruptive technology such as AI and machine learning to constantly develop new solutions for its clients.

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