Webb Fontaine Sends Medical Aid to Benin 

Webb Fontaine stands with its partners by donating breathing support medical equipment to local authorities in Benin with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help limit the spread of the virus and ease the burden faced by the community.

In attendance at the Donation Ceremony;


Secrétaire Général du Ministère (SGM)


Directeur des Infrastructures, des Equipements et de la Maintenance (DIEM)


Conseillère Technique au Suivi de la Performance du Secteur et Mme Assana HONIGNINTI

Représentant DAF/Ministère.

“We need to all come together to support one another and provide essential supplies to some of our most vulnerable and at-risk groups”. Didier Reymond, CEO of Webb Fontaine.

Webb Fontaine comprises of 15 offices in markets all over the world, and has worked with different government and private entities to provide them with technology solutions to facilitate trade processes. Its innovative solutions and services are brought to life at its Research and Development (R&D) Centers which work across the board to ensure they are utilized correctly and efficiently. Located in Armenia, France and the Philippines Webb Fontaine has invested heavily to ensure each facility is equipped with disruptive technology such as AI and machine learning to constantly develop new solutions for its clients.

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Webb Fontaine is a leading provider of solutions for trade facilitation; powered by world-class technology, investing in the largest research and development centres in the trade area. Webb Fontaine is headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E. with a presence across Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.