Destination Inspection Services

Destination Inspection Services for the Republic of Ghana.

Webb Fontaine was appointed to perform Destination Inspection Services for the benefit of the Republic of Ghana. The programme eliminates opportunities for fraud, fiscal evasion and price discrimination. Providing price verification, assessment of Customs classification of imported goods prior to their clearance in Ghana.

Launched: 2010

Completed: 2015

Ghana, countrywide

Ministry of Trade and Industry

Establishment of Classification and Valuation forms out of 12% of the Ghanaian trade (Destination Inspection Program), calculation of duties and taxes, risk assessment and forwarding of the declaration to the Customs system.

The program evaluates price values of imports from selected countries of supply using our valuation and classification centre based in Manila, Philippines as well as our local resources in Ghana.

Key Features:

  • Elimination of fraud, fiscal evasion and price discrimination

  • Risk Management

  • Destination Inspection services operations

  • The initiative involved a number of capacity building programmes for Customs, through Webb Fontaine ValueWebb software

  • Webb Fontaine processed pre-lodgment declarations, evaluated classification and value, calculated duties and taxes, triggered risk assessment and sent declarations to the Customs system

WCO Certificate of merit

Classification & Valuation