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We believe that “Effective Trade Facilitation is a win-win scenario for both trade and governments”.
Long waiting times at borders, inappropriate fees, cumbersome formalities, and inadequate or unclear rules and regulations, can all become serious obstacles to trade, and as a consequence adversely affect investment, employment and trade-led development.

Trade facilitation has emerged as a key factor for international trade efficiency. This is due to its impact on competitiveness and market integration and its increasing importance in attracting direct foreign investments. Over the last years, it has gained prominence in the international political agenda, which has culminated in the conclusion of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) in December 2013 in Bali.

Our work is mainly focused on the World Trade Organization TFA and how to make your work easier.

The TFA contains provisions in the following areas:

  • Publication and availability of information
  • Opportunity to comment, information before entry into force and consultation
  • Advance rulings
  • Appeal and review procedures
  • Other measures to enhance impartiality, non-discrimination and transparency (notifications for enhanced controls or inspections, detention and test procedures)
  • Disciplines and fees and charges imposed on or in connection with importation and exportation
  • Release and clearance of goods
  • Border Agency Cooperation
  • Movement of Goods under Customs Control intended for import
  • Formalities connected with importation and exportation and transit
  • Freedom of Transit

Webb Fontaine has deployed Single Window platforms for trade in Nigeria called the Nigeria Integrated Customs Information System  (www.trade.gov.ng), Côte d’Ivoire (www.guce.gouv.ci) and Bahrain (www.ofoq.gov.bh), as well as a proof-of-concept in Armenia for 2 certificates.



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