Webb Fontaine Group

Paperless Customs System

Implementations of Webb Fontaine products are focused on delivering a customization of the core system using the company’s development centres, resident expatriates and local resources.

Webb Fontaine has deployed customized TradeWorldManager solutions for Customs automation in the Kingdom of Bahrain (called OFOQ), Armenia, the Philippines (called e2M) as well as selected modules in Nigeria. These solutions cover the whole spectrum of services, including: e-manifest, e-SAD, e-Transit, e-excises, e-Payment, Risk Management, Integrated Release. In addition the system operates fully automated exemptions and licences modules with SAD acquittals.

A complete Customs system on its own, it embraces all core Customs functions:

  • Manifest management
  • Declaration processing
  • Accounting (cash, credits, statements, prepayment, e-payment)
  • Warehouse management with guarantee control
  • Temporary import/export and processing programs with guarantee management, excises monitoring
  • Integrated tariff
  • Transit shed management
  • Valuation check during declaration assessment and through Selectivity
  • Transit bonds management (road, railway, transshipment)
  • Selectivity on any e-document (manifest, SAD, company profiles, bank form, other government agencies forms.), risk assessment driven by auto-adaptive criteria, built on Memory Based Reasoning mechanisms (MBR)

The TradeWorldManager Portal® software is a comprehensive java based Customs system and a Single Window platform built on the latest technologies.

It is based on N-tier architecture and can be accessed through the internet [web based] and is also database and OS independent. The common platforms are Linux and Windows (XP, Vista) accessing an Oracle database.

TWM offers the latest security features such as SSL connectivity (Secure Socket Layer) and electronic signature for sensitive e-documents such as the Customs declaration or electronic payments.

TWM login to the system, which can be performed through biometric recognition (e.g. finger print) or smart cards, sets the access rights and business units available for this user for the whole session.

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