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Inspection of Commodities

Our Commodities Inspection and Testing Services entail performance of vessel draft surveys, inspection and gauging of vessel and shore tanks, cargo sampling and topographic volumetric surveys at loading and ports of discharge. All these activities are conducted at different stages of the logistics chain as may be required by Sellers and Buyers.

The survey inspection and topographic survey procedures strictly follow the applicable international standards such as those required by ASTM, ISO and GAFTA, among others, and use appropriate software, such as Microsoft CAD. These are utilized to establish an independent third-party quantity measurement of commodities. The Inspection Reports generated are used as bases in the settlement of bank obligations between contracting parties.

Webb Fontaine maintains a pool of Petroleum Inspectors duly certified by IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies). Its inspection services in the Oil, Gas and Chemicals sector is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The Company’s affiliate, Webb Fontaine Asia, Inc., is a Superintendent-member of GAFTA (The Grains & Feed Trade Association).

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Oil, Gas and Chemicals Inspection Services

Oil and Gas Inspection Services

  • Vessel Loading and Discharge Supervision of Gas, Petroleum and Petrochemical Products
  • On-Hire and Off-Hire Delivery and Re-Delivery Survey
  • Isotank/Fexibag Loading and Unloading Supervision
  • Ship’s Cargo Tanks Cleanliness Inspection
  • Ship-to-Ship and Tank-to-Tank Cargo Transfer Survey
  • Local Ship Convoy Services
  • Cargo Remaining on Board / On-Board Quantity (ROB/OBQ) Inspection Services
  • Tank Truck Withdrawals Monitoring Services
  • Wallwash Inspection and Sampling
  • Periodic Stocks Position Inventory

Agro-Fertilizer Inspection Services

Agro-Feltilizer Inspection Services

  • Vessel Loading, Discharge, Deliveries and Withdrawals Supervision of Wheat, Soya Bean Meal, Corn, Copra, Fertilizers, CNO, Oleochemicals, Ethanol, Fatty Acids, Palm Oil Products, Soya Bean Oil Products, Grains and other Agricultural Products
  • Isotank and Flexibag Loading and Unloading Supervision
  • Cargo Sampling according to GAFTA and other relevant industry standards
  • Periodic Stocks Position Inventory and Volumetric Survey

Energy and Minerals Inspection Services

Energy and Minerals Inspection Services

  • Vessel Loading and Discharge Supervision of Coal, Petroleum Coke, Nickel Ores, Iron Ores and Other Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Mineral Cargoes
  • Vessel Loading and Discharge Supervision of Clinker, Silica Sand and Cement Products
  • Loading, Discharge, Deliveries and Weighing Supervision of Steel Products
  • Shipment and Stockpile Sampling
  • Periodic Volumetric Survey and Stocks Position Inventory

Engineering and Calibration Services

Engineering and Calibration Services

  • Vessel Cargo and Shore Tanks Calibration
  • Pipeline and Cargo Hoses Hydrotesting
  • Gas Free Testing
  • Periodic Volumetric Survey and Stocks Position Inventory

Shipping and Marine Inspection Services

 Shipping and Marine Inspection Services

  • Container Stuffing and Unstuffing Supervision
  • Container Condition Inspection
  • Bulk and Breakbulk Cargo Condition Survey
  • Vessel and Local Barge Draft Survey

Webb Fontaine clients in the Commodities Inspection and Testing Inspection Services include, among others, Indagro through Philippines Phosphate Fertilizer Corporation (for Agro-Fertilizers); Eastern Petroleum Philippines and Unioil Philippines (for Oil & Gas), Toyota Tshusho and Unibros through Philippines Prosperity Chemicals (for Chemicals) and KEPCO Philippines and Aboitiz-Therma Luzon (for Coal).

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