Webb Fontaine Group

Telecoms and Power Supply

We have extensive experience building comprehensive infrastructure to support high-performance technology systems, from the ground up, in environments that previously did not have the capacity.

We can provide procurement and configuration of specialized equipment, as well as design and implementation of telecommunications infrastructure to support high technology operations. From radio and satellite communications, to virtual private networks, to even design and construction of office facilities, we can create the supporting infrastructure to modernize your ICT environment.

Webb Fontaine has deployed in Nigeria the most efficient government telecommunication network of West Africa, interconnecting all Customs offices nation-wide and all relevant government regulatory agencies involved in foreign trade, as well as all the private trade community to the Nigeria Single Window Platform for trade. The entire infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by automated systems and benefits from complete power backup solutions based on industrial stabilizers, redundant UPS and sound-proof generators, as well as solar power.

Webb Fontaine has also interconnected all Armenia Customs offices through a private telecommunication network infrastructure and has procured equipment for all TWM implementations.

Examples of implementation (slideshow):


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