Webb Fontaine Group

Webb Suite®

Services and software solutions for the enhancement of ASYCUDAWorld operation

Webb Suite line of products relies on a unique proprietary layer developed by Webb Fontaine which allows the processing of ASYCUDAWorld transactions in a safe mode, using mobile technology and branded web based applications.

This is achieved with the company’s in-depth knowledge of the ASYCUDA development framework (SOClass® e-Document Server developed by Strategy Object)

SAD Lite Interface and pop-up message corresponding to the assessment made by ASYCUDAWorld

Webb Suite line of products allows the implementation of solutions such as:

  • Lite Client Interface for Customs Declarations and Manifests online processing directly from the Webb Fontaine web based portal
  • Offline Client allowing the creation of ASYCUDAWorld declarations in the absence of internet connection
  • Webb Tracker mobile technology accessing ASYCUDAWorld
  • E-Payment of ASYCUDAWorld transactions
  • Big Data over ASYCUDAWorld transactions
  • Auctions management
  • E-Forex, foreign exchange authorizations associated with the import and export processes
  • Enhanced security (Finger Print login, E-Signature, Public Key Infrastructure)
  • Secured Web Service tools for ASYCUDA B2G and G2G schemes
  • Integration of images from non-intrusive inspection systems (scanners)
  • Enhancement of standard ASYCUDA functionalities


In addition to Webb Suite, Webb Fontaine offers to client countries a full technical, functional and operational support over the Customs platform, organized using Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with a 24/7 support service organized through a worldwide support network.

The support services are undertaken using the 3 support levels:

• Basic;
• Advanced;
• High Availability Systems.

The main areas covered by Webb Suite support are:

SOClass support – Upgrade of the SOClass platform and SOClass products technical support; SOClass products foundation training; SOClass products advanced training.

Operation support – ASYCUDAWorld operation technical and functional support; ASYCUDAWorld operation monitoring; ASYCUDAWorld operation predictive maintenance and fault prevention.

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