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Customs Webb®

Fully-fledged paperless Customs

Note: Customs Webb is the new name for Trade World Manager (TWM)

Webb Fontaine’s Customs system called Customs Webb® manages the Customs processing cycle from pre-clearance to post-clearance.

It processes documents electronically, providing a paperless environment. In addition to all the traditional clearance functions, it also includes a module for licenses and permits, which are approved online by regulatory agencies and acquitted within the Customs declaration, using quota control.

Increasing Government revenue, reducing clearance time and fraud

Customs Webb offers a multilingual interface (including English, Arabic and French); the system allows consignees to send manifests and bills of lading electronically, freight forwarders to reconsolidate bills, and includes automatic container targeting. Customs Webb includes the following functions:

  • Declaration management
  • Suspense procedures
  • Transit and guarantee management, interfaces with the vehicles’ GPS/GPRS tracking system to provide, through Customs Webb, live displays of the path taken by trucks along the various transit routes
  • Accounts: management of cash payments, credit, statements, prepayments, electronic payments, guarantees and deposits.
  • Dynamic predictive risk management based on automatically created compliance indicators for companies, including a section for Authorised
  • Economic Operators.
  • On-line value control using selectivity criteria through access to a price database built on statistical calculations applied to existing transactions.
  • Automatic allocation of sections, verifiers and workloads associated with the declaration. Users can also lodge claims through Customs Webb in case of fraud.

Electronic payment of Customs duties and taxes with automatic funds transfer from the company’s account at the bank. This system is coupled with automatic reconciliation with payments made by commercial banks to the central bank: remittance control. Webb Fontaine’s electronic payment system should be installed in cooperation with the banks. In addition the system provides.

  • Full implementation of a digital authentication chain and signature for sensitive electronic documents.
  • Management of customs warehouses, exit notes and gate passes controlled via barcodes
  • Management of vehicules identification numbers
  • Risk assessment on all documents
  • Text and email notifications and alerts to relevant personnel. Webb Fontaine provides a data analysis tool to supervise revenue flows, clearance times and customs performance in real time.

This tool is called Webb ExecutiveVision and is intended for Customs office managers, the Customs Director General and Finance Ministry civil servants.

It allows them to monitor revenue variations in real time for each office, as well as in a region or the whole country; moreover, users are able to define alerts and warn selected staff of potential frauds.

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