Applied Statistics and Data Science Program
April 4, 2019

On April 4, Data Science Lab with powerful computers opened for Master’s program “Applied Statistics and Data Science” of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Yerevan State University.

With the support of companies Webb Fontaine the newly-opened lab was provided with 12 computers with GPUs , more than 300000 USD was donated in this lab.Tthe Master’s program really needed this lab, since it will give the students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, as well as work on various programs after the classes. ''After years in the industry, we can testify that there is a giant gap between it and educational institutions. Our company needs more staff. At the same time we see lack of quality in science, which keeps it from becoming compliant with modern tendencies in the industry. Specialists have only theoretical knowledge and no practical skills. This program will tackle that issue. We are very excited,” said Serop,operations Manager of Webb Fontaine Armenia.


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