Webb Fontaine Group

Company Profile

Webb Fontaine’s mission is to simplify the work of Governments, Businesses and Citizens worldwide by providing technology and know-how

The Webb Fontaine Group, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and with offices throughout the world, specializes in improving government services through e-government systems, business process reengineering, and leading edge information technology. Webb Fontaine provides a comprehensive suite of e-government software products, Electronic Single Window portals, Customs automation, information technology, telecommunications, and infrastructure services.

Transactional and analytical e-Trade solutions

  • Capacity building and Customs Modernization
  • Executive Information systems and Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Valuation and Risk Management services
  • Provision and Implementation of IT, telecom, and infrastructure Solutions
  • Implementation of end-to-end e-Trade systems (E2G, G2G, B2G) using Single-Window model

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