We have brought together a panel of experts to discuss real life scenarios and applicable tactics for Customs administrations to adopt in disaster situations.

COVID-19 has dramatically changed our day to day lives, with supply chains and revenue collection expected to be significantly disrupted all over the world. In such emergencies it is paramount to secure contingency delivery.

We have analysed over 13 different Governmental approaches to reduce disruption to essential supply chains and operations. This webinar will discuss some of the key impactful themes and ideas.

About Webb Fontaine

Webb Fontaine is a leading provider of solutions for trade facilitation; powered by world-class technology, investing in the largest research and development centres in the trade area. Webb Fontaine is headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E. with a presence across Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.


Meet Our Panel

Moderated by Michel Zarnowiecki

Director of Institutional Reforms, Webb Fontaine

Frank Ferguson

Former Director General of the Montserrat Customs & Revenue Service (MCRS)

Stephen Adekunle Oloyede

Comptroller Risk Management, Nigeria Customs Service

Ahmed Al Khatab

Commissioner Assistant for Customs & Logistics at Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZA)

Apeh Fateh

Assistant Comptroller ICT & Head of Implementation Team for Nigeria Customs Service

Dr. Jawwad Agha

Ex. Head of Customs Administration, FBR, Pakistan

Tapio Naula

VP – Trade Facilitation Program at ASYAD Group

Pascal Minvielle

Executive Director,
Webb Fontaine

Ope Babalola

Managing Director, Webb Fontaine Nigeria

Ara Shamirzayan

Director of IT Development and Research, Webb Fontaine Group

Bringing together ideas from Dubai, Benin, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire