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Webb Fontaine assists Governments through the deployment of goods valuation solutions compliant with the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (Bali Package).

The traditional pre-shipment inspection model, considered costly and inefficient, is not aligned with international recommendations. A few countries have yet to abandon this type of inspection. Through its “Ruling Center” programme, Webb Fontaine’s supports relevant agencies in reclaiming specific sovereign operations, such as those related to classification and valuation.

Through innovative and efficient procedures supported by technologically advanced tools, Customs will gradually take over the classification and value control operations over the entire bulk of Customs transaction, with the assistance of Webb Fontaine’s qualified personnel From the outset of the programme, Webb Fontaine will provide Authorities with high-performance tools accessing a robust transaction price database, as well as all required historical information.

Increasing Government revenue and reinstating Customs at the center of the process

Guidance and coaching programmes led by high-level professionals will be organised to continuously improve the goods valuation and classification procedures.

Such procedures will help increase Government revenue. For example, during the past 12 months, the valuation procedures and technologies implemented by Webb Fontaine in a specific country increased Customs revenue (duties and taxes) on imports by 27%.

In order to help Customs play a central role in this process and become self-sufficient, Webb Fontaine offers a valuation service provided in close cooperation with Customs.

From the start of the project and as a first step, Customs will rapidly be able to determine the value of 20% of imports with Webb Fontaine’s support and using the management tools provided; Webb Fontaine will independently assess the value of the remaining 80% of imports on behalf of Customs (including the transactions deemed to be high risk).

Through a skills transfer programme involving the set up of training centres, the organisation of seminars and continuous daily cooperation through the mentoring of Customs experts, Customs will progressively built the in-house expertise to determine the value of an increasing number of transactions itself.

In order to ensure that valuation procedures carried out by Customs are followed appropriately, Webb Fontaine will implement an efficient audit system.



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