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Webb Executive Vision®

Real time supervision using Big Data technology

Webb Executive Vision® is a unique tool which interfaces with any existing Customs transaction application and provides Government officials and Customs Management with real time revenue figures, trade statistics, clearance time details, as well as online intelligence records and office productivity information.

Webb Executive Vision delivers online and continuous reports on potential loss of revenue, in addition to accrued fraud amount following physical examinations.

Diagrams and charts can be tailored online to accommodate previous years’ figures or additional comparison schemes. In addition, Webb Executive Vision® provides customizable alert notices through user-defined criteria in order to track potential non-compliant trade transactions: specific users are alerted by SMS or email when a declaration meets user defined criterion’s condition (e.g. transaction value greater than 1M USD).

Increasing Government revenue by assessing Trade Facilitation performance

Performance indicators relating to trade facilitation show the dwell time spent at each stage of the supply chain (manifest registration, cargo arrival, declaration registration, assessment, payment, inspection, goods release etc.) Moreover, Webb Executive Vision® shows the proportion of registered, assessed, paid and exited declarations out of the total amount of entries captured on a given day, during the past week, month, current year, and for selected offices, regions or for the whole country.

Webb Executive Vision® proves extremely useful to entities such as the Trade Ministry, Customs Authorities, Ministry of the Economy, Finance or the Treasury.

Webb Executive Vision® also provides instantaneous records of revenue loss and accrued fraud amounts following the physical inspection of goods.

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