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Software Products

Webb Trade Single Window®

Webb Fontaine’s Single Window for Trade solution is a common comprehensive platform
that brings together all trade stakeholders and offers a wide range of functions such as:

  • Advanced pre-lodgement of electronic customs declarations and cargo manifests
  • Management of bank domiciliation
  • Management of import permits
  • Management of exchange permits and approvals


Customs Webb®

Webb Fontaine’s customs system from pre-clearance to post-clearance called Customs Webb® manages the customs clearance process. It processes declarations electronically, providing a paperless environment.

In addition to all the traditional clearance functions, it also includes a management system for licences and permits, which are approved on line by regulatory agencies and verified through the customs declaration, using quotes control, the system allows ministries to issue exemptions based on quotas, following to the same principle.

Webb Executive Vision®

The Company has also designed Webb Executive Vision, a comprehensive Analysis and Reporting tool for the monitoring of real time risk, revenue, cargo dwell time and Customs productivity. Webb Executive Vision displays stakeholder’s compliance indicators, uses advanced data mining techniques and provides customizable online alerts.

Webb Valuation®

Webb Valuation is Webb Fontaine’s Valuation tool supported by a large database (ValueWebb Database) of transaction prices maintained by our Valuation and Classification Centre in the Philippines. Some of the key principles of ValueWebb are  integrated within Customs Webb valuation tool; Webb Fontaine valuation experts can be made available on short term missions to assist with the building of the value database.

Webb Tracker®

Webb Fontaine has designed a mobile application called Webb Tracker for traders to browse ASYCUDAWorld transactions. The mobile application also interacts with Webb Fontaine Customs System data: Customs Webb®. The mobile app is compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices.

Webb Suite®

Webb Suite line of products relies on a unique proprietary layer developed by Webb Fontaine which allows the processing of ASYCUDAWorld transactions in a safe mode, using mobile technology and branded web based applications.

All Software Products are in line with the procedures of the revised Kyoto Convention and were elaborated according to key governing principles, among which are:

  • Transparency and predictability of Trade Transactions
  • Standardization and simplification of the goods declaration and supporting documents
  • Simplified procedures for authorized persons
  • Maximum use of information technology
  • Minimum necessary Customs control to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Use of risk management and audit-based controls
  • Coordinated inspections with other border agencies
  • Partnership with the trade

In addition, Trade World Manager was made fully compatible with the WCO data model version 3.

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