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Towards the certification of Authorized Economic Operators

Reforms in the Customs sector

Inoussa SACCA BOCO: Customs Director

This is the opportunity to congratulate the Customs administration of Benin for the outstanding work done in preparing the Authorised Economic Operator scheme, and the involvement of many senior executives in its implementation.  In particular, the Regulations and International Relations division played a major role researching an evaluating foreign experience, aligning to World Customs Organisation standards, and adjusting the AEO regime to Benin’s environment. 

The role of Webb Fontaine, as a development partner, was to share international best practice, provide IT and legislative support, and ensure coordination between the different entities involved.  It is through such a partnership that institutional reforms are led and adequately internalised.

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The Nigeria Customs Service was honoured at the Nigeria Technology Awards ceremony on 1st December 2018. NCS was declared winners in the following categories.

  • Excellence in E-Governance Federal Agency (Public Service)
  • Best Emerging Technologies Federal Agency (Public Service)
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