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Case study – Ethiopia

Automation of all multimodal transit operations

Webb Fontaine is currently implementing its Customs System called eCMS in Ethiopia under the hospices of the European Union EuropeAid/135382/IH/SER/ET program endorsed by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation and the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority (ERCA).

One of the current achievements of the project is the automation of all multimodal transit operations of the main transit corridor of the country which connects Galafi Customs office (Djibouti border) to Kalitti Customs office near Addis Ababa.

The system is accessed in real time by transit customs officers and check points officers who monitor and control transiting cargoes using eCMS electronic transit documents (T1 forms) generated from transit declarations (IM8 declarations) sent by the Djiboutian system (AsycudaWorld).

The eCMS controls transit bonds accounts and has been extended on the 7/03/2018 to unimodal transit to cover 40% of the transaction flow of the country.



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