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Case study – Bénin

Tracking cargo movements along 12 main corridors

Webb Fontaine has designed and implemented its transit web based application, Webb Transit, which monitors the movements of transiting cargoes across 12 main road corridors of the national territory of Benin, West Africa.

For each transiting consignment, the application automatically records effective departure and arrival schedules from the port of origin to the port of destination within the Webb transit associated T1 electronic document together with clearance details automatically downloaded from the corresponding AsycudaWorld Customs declaration.

The system tracks in real time departed and expected trucks. It is coupled with a localization system for GPS positioning and geo-fencing, based on tracker devices attached to the container and automatically activated when the T1 is validated within Webb Transit, with no use of handheld devices from operators. This allows the tracing of the truck route from the electronic document itself.

The system receives automatic alerts when the truck deviates from the predefined route and contains specific inspection forms for the operators, control room and Customs; it retrieves all associated attached documents from the AsycudaWorld customs declaration as well as tracking reports which are automatically generated in case of fraud.

It can equally be used in the context of international (regional) transit control and offers the Government of Benin an unrivaled tool for securing revenue.

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